Shannon Eller - vocalist/composer/dancer/actress




'Find A Way'

A cool tune written by Bob Esterle (Lyrics by Shannon Eller)

 'You and The Night and the Music'

Arranged by Shannon Eller

'Of All Thing, Let There Be'

This is a tune by Aidan Plank.  He asked me to add lyrics to it.  S I was writing the lyrics to this beautiful tune I tried to capture Aidan's beautiful heart, soul, and also actually things he had said to me during our talks over coffee when we met up to discuss music, projects, and life itself. Shannon Eller: vocals, Aidan Plank: bass, Scott Garlock: Trombone, Bob Esterle: Sax, Clay Colley: Piano, and Mark Gonder: Drums

Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind

Melody Gardot: Composer/Shannon Eller: Arranger

A beautiful song I loved arranging. I love singing this tune so much. Clay Colley played a beautiful piano solo on this.

'We Will Meet Again'

Composed by Bill Evans/Arranged by Shannon Eller

Anhelo Su Boca

Composed by Shannon Eller 

Another tune we played in April '15, but wanted to play it again.  It's inspired by a sexy Spanish love poem by Pablo Naruda. Doug Tabbutt played the bongo cajon on this which was very cool and elegant.  Bob Esterle plays the soprano sax solo on this. Scott Garlock suggested I write this for big band, so look for that soon!

Addormentarmi Cosi

Giliola Cinquette: Composer/Shannon Eller: Arranger

We played this tune in April '15, but the guys love it as do I, so we played it again! This is an Italian art song usually sung in the operatic style, but I set it to jazz.  Thank You Bob Esterle (soprano sax), Scott Garlock (trombone), Clay Colley (piano), Aidan Plank (bass), and Doug Tabbutt (percussion) for you delicious solos. What a fun night!

His Eyes, Her Eyes

Composer: Michel Legrand/Arranger: Shannon Eller

I had fun arranging this for my group. Thank you Scott Garlock (trombone), Clay Colley (piano), Bob Esterle (sax), Aidan Plank (bass), and Doug Tabbutt (percussion) for your amazing talent and for playing with your hearts that night.

'Anhelo Su Boca'

An original composition by Shannon Eller.  The lyrics are from a sexy Spanish love poem by Pablo Neruda.

Performed by the Shannon Eller Sextet at the Bop Stop

'You Don't Know'

an original composition and arrangement by Shannon Eller

'Blessed to be a Witness'

written by Ben harper, Arranged by Shannon Eller

Performed by the Shannon Eller Sextet at the Bop Stop

'Addormentarmi Cosi'

This is an arrangement I wrote of an Italian art song by Gilioli Cinquetti for my jazz sextet.

'Caught a Touch of Your Love'

at Musica club in Akron, Ohio with the wonderful Dave Banks Big Band!

'Precious Lord, Take Me Home'

This is my arrangement of my favorite hymn.  This was performed second to the last song of the night at the Bop Stop.  The theme of the night was "This Crazy Little Thing Called Love" which was an evening of songs from different genres, eras, and languages that all express the different emotions we get from love.  This hymn is not about passionate love, but Agape love (God's unconditional love).  When we feel no love from others or even don't love ourselves, God's love is ALWAYS constant. 

I am grateful for the gifts I was given to glorify our Creator. And I thank Him for a PACKED house that night at the Bop Stop!!  :)

Clay Colley (piano) does a beautiful job playing with his heart on this song.

"Dancin' In The Dark'

This is when I was a featured guest artist with the Baldwin Wallace jazz Ensemble under the direction of Greg Banazak

'In Love In Vain'

Performed at Nighttown

Shannon Eller: vocals, Brad Wagner: Tenor sax, Dave Sterner: Alto sax, Jackie warren: Piano, Dave Morgan: bass, and Paul Samuels: drums


These next two videos are from when I recently had the privilege to play the role of the Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd


Shannon Eller and Paul Miletta dancing a duet choreographed by Paul Miletta

 Paul (my best friend) and I were asked to be guest artists for the 2015 Spring Dance Ensemble concert at Youngstown State University directed by Christine Cobb

These next two videos are a dance piece from when I was the lead dancer/choreographer for the YSU dance ensemble

(I apologize for the poor quality)